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Primary Principal Welcome Letter  


The Little Green Frog’s Harvest Party

Grades 1, 2 and 3 performed a musical about ‘The Little Green Frog’s Harvest Party’. The students enjoyed practicing the songs and dialogues. The play was well-rehearsed and students enjoyed acting and singing. It was a fun experience for both teachers and students involved.   continue...


The Reading Competition 
In a wonderful, competitive atmosphere, grade one teachers launched the reading competition amongst their beloved grade one students. Competitiveness, enthusiasm and willingness were in each and every student. The students’ high levels were reflected in their capability to read words, which escalated in difficulty to very advanced levels that are equivalent to levels in middle school. The event reflected the efforts of grade one teachers and how much they care for their students. Many thanks and regards to grade one teachers.   continue...


Grade 4 Little Big Share 

 Last week, Grade 4 students from each class formed groups and chose a topic based on a foreign culture, which they had prepared and presented. Students communicated the relationship between cultures and their environments by using verbal, nonverbal, written text and multimedia to deliver a presentation on the country/culture they have selected.
 Spelling Contest 
Following the initiative of the Arabic Department in encouraging students’ contests and activities, Grade two Arabic language teachers started a spelling contest amongst their students. Competitiveness, enthusiasm and willingness were widespread amongst the students. The students’ levels were very high and reflected their fluency in the Arabic language. The event reflected the efforts of grade two teachers and how much they care for the students and the Arabic language too.  The final two students in the competition were able to spell words from the grade nine level word list. Congratulations to all who took part in the contest and to those responsible for the event.     continue...


 On Wednesday 21st March we gathered the KG and Primary team leaders and secretaries to thank them for all their hard work and effort they put in to make KBS a success.  

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Energy Unit 

 The grade 3 team held inquiry-based learning experiences that were linked to our unit on energy. Students were engaged and inquired about the different experiments. It was a fun and educational experience.    continue...



On Wednesday, March 7th, 2018, the grade 5 teachers and students hosted parents sessions in the classrooms. They showed the parents how they can help the students in their Exhibition journey and what the expectations are. We want to thank all the parents who attended our Introduction to the Exhibition Session. We appreciate your willingness to help! We can’t do this without you...     continue...


Sports Day Celebrations 

Sports Day Celebrations

The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held on February 11th - February 14th, 2018. Students of Kuwait Bilingual School came ready to march in the green field for the Sports Day. The fantastic turnout from the parents and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students to showcase their athletic ability and skills. When the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. Students of classes pre-kg to 5 competed class-wise in events including sprints, high jump, sack races, obstacle races, basketball shoot, gymnastic and obstacle races, tug- of- war, football and more. They said, “it was a great day to be a risk-taker, reflective and open-minded".      continue...   


Friendship Day

Unit 2 International Friendship Day Activity:

KG2 had so much fun at our Friendship Day Celebration! Our students did such a great job performing for their loved ones and what made it more special was that they did it with their friends. Happiness was in the air and everyone looked lovely in their children's around the world outfits. What a fun time for all!         continue...   


Farmers Day 

Unit 3 Farmers Day Activity:

KG2 had a grand celebration “Farmers Day” on December 14th, 2017. Students, parents, teachers and admin were enthusiastic and supported this event in order to encourage children’s learning about the unit “Sharing the Planet.” Students inquired about specific needs living things require in order to grow and stay healthy. They dressed up representing living things and arranged food stalls. The “Scientific Center” gave a great presentation and brought in animals which was the highlight of this event.        continue...   


Apps Workshop for Parents


On Wednesday 18th October our primary teachers led a workshop for parents focusing on the use of Apps in grades 1 to 5 to support reading, spelling, language and math development. The apps that are currently used are Raz-Kids, Spelling City and IXL.

It was great to see so many parents in attendance and be able to to offer advice on how parents can use Apps at home to monitor and support their child's progress. We look forward to welcoming all parents again to our future workshop sessions.




Introduction to the Primary Years Programme

On Wednesday 27th September KBS held an introductory session about the Primary Years Programme PYP for parents. 


Welcome Message from the Primary Principal  


I am David Harrold, the primary school principal at Kuwait Bilingual School (KBS).  I have worked internationally most of my career, 



Welcome Message from the Kindergarten Principal  


Welcome to another great year 2017-2018!                                                                                                                                                                             



 PYP Coordinator Welcome Letter  

Welcome back to Kuwait Bilingual School! I hope that you all had a restful and relaxing summer holiday.


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