Applications and Admission Assessments (updated March 2016)

Applications for admission should be completed in full. All needed photocopies of documents should be provided and a KD 50 non-refundable fee should be paid at the time of submitting the application. Photocopies of documents provided are not returnable.

If the parents want the student to re-test, a non-refundable fee of KD 50 is required in order to arrange such a special request. This fee is not refundable regardless of the result of the re-test.


Pre-K & KG1

Students will have a screening assessment in Arabic only to determine level of spoken Arabic, awareness, responsiveness to instructions, emotional stability, independence / ability to separate from parents, manipulation skills, cooperativeness, general concepts, ability to share, and listening skills. They will also be assessed to determine their ability in English.


Students will be assessed in Arabic and English and practical skills for (a) minimum appropriate conversation, alphabet and number skills (b) responsiveness to instructions  (c) recognition skills (d) awareness (e) manipulation skills (f) general concepts (g) cooperativeness (h) independence / ability to separate from parents (i) listening skills.

Grade 1 and 2

Students will receive oral, reading and basic writing assessments in Arabic and English. In addition there will be an assessment in Mathematics. Parents may not attend or interfere in the assessment unless requested to do so.

Grades 3 - 12

Students will be assessed in three subjects.

Parents are not permitted to attend assessments at this age. The child should show confidence, maturity and independence. There are three main assessments in:

• Arabic: oral, reading comprehension and writing

• English: oral, reading comprehension and writing

• Mathematics  (in English)

These assessments may take up to 3 hours.



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